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Jennifer Farmer wanted to add to our list of plexus slim reviews.
Tomorrow marks exactly 1month since I started my Plexus journey and I’m loving it!! I have more energy than ever!! I’m down 14 lbs. And have lost 9 inches all together so far.
plexus slim reviews
My first before n after pics while taking Plexus Slim for 2 months. I’m down 16 lbs and 13 inches! I may sound crazy but I swear my complexion has improved tremendously…I love my pink drink! Please know that this product really does work! Everyone looses at their own pace but you will be successful if you remain consistent with your water taking your Plexus and accelerator pills.
A testimonial from Kim Clink

This is my journey on plexus. I Have lost 30.8 lbs in 9.5 weeks. I have lost 2″ in chest, 6″ in waist, 1″ off arms and 2″ off thighs. The first set of pics in day before I started and set 2 is one week, set 3 is week 5 and the last ones is tonight Aug.7, 2013 week 9.5. I love this product.

I’ve been on plexus for 1 month I take the drink and accelerator, 10lbs & 10 inches gone. Can not wait to see where I am at month 2. Love what plexus is doing for me,glad to be on track to a healthier and happier me.
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