Plexus Slim New York

Plexus Slim New York


How does Plexus Slim New York work?

That is a good question.  All you have to do is click through one of our links and select the preferred pricing option.  This will set you up on an auto-ship program, HOWEVER, you can cancel at any time.  On top of that with our 60-day money back program, you can try the products basically for free.  Order it, try it, if you like it keep using it. If you don’t send it back for a full refund.  We at Plexus Slim New York are here to help and will answer any product questions you may have.

Plexus Slim New York Reviews

Want to see some reviews and testimonials on plexus slim new york?  Take a look below or watch the video above.  We have testimonials and reviews of people who have lost anywhere from 5-25 lbs in the first month, sometimes even more.  At plexus slim new york, we don’t want to promise you ridiculous weight loss numbers.  We want to give you the most realistic expectations so when you do lose the weight you are happy about every pound.  Your not going to lose 50 lbs in two weeks like some products promise.  That is ABSURD.  You will lose weight though, and you will continue to lose it with NO EXERCISE and NO SPECIAL DIETS.  Your cravings will go away, and you will have more energy.  Your metabolism will increase and you will love your new self.  See some people below and read there stories.

Dana Diez

I began my weight loss journey on Jan. 1, 2011. I dieted hard and worked our nearly every day. By the middle of April, I had lost 18 lbs and could not lose more. Someone introduced me to Plexus mid April 2011. I immediately started the products and signed as an ambassador. As soon as I started the slim and accelerator, I starting losing weight quickly and feeling great. I have struggled with Crohns disease for 21 years and cystitis for 5 years. Both were improving thanks to Plexus Slim New York.  Two weeks later, I went to a locao Plexus meeting and learned about Probio5 and BioCleanse. I ordered both even though I had been on over the counter. probiotics and the last thing that I needed was a cleanse. Within days of starting both products, my symptoms and the pain that I had accepted that I would live with was diminishing. I had had a knot the size of a golf ball on my right side for years where my crohns inflamation was and it was now gone for the first time in years. When we left for a trip in May 18th, I had reached my goal of losing 50 lbs with Plexus slim new york. I also dropped another size in clothing while on the 12 day cruise. I gradually decreases the medication that I was on and went from sometimes taking 30 to 40 pills daily to taking 2. My chronic hives were gone, my blood pressure and cholesterol decreased. I had also been told 15 prior that within 20 years, I would need a liver transplant because of the medications and the excess weight. My liver counts decreased each time they were tested and after about 6 months on the Plexus slim new york products, my liver enzymes reached normal levels. I now have a perfect functioning liver. I recently had a colonoscopy and my gastro said that there was very little inflamation. He is still in awe that I am still in remission more than two years after starting Plexus slim new york. I have added each of the new products as they have been introduced. The fast relief products have my pain from horrible heel spurs and clacified achilles tendons totally under control. A foot suregeon looked at my xrays and said that he doesnt understand how I am even walking without excruciating pain. Not only do I walk without pain, but I work out almost every day, I do Zumba and Pilates. The nerve health capsules have ended the burning that I had in my lower back from an injury from a car accident. XFactor has replaced many expensive supplements that I was purchasing. Having Crohns disease makes it difficult to absorb nutrients. I have more energy and feel much better than I did on the previous expensive supplements. Plexus has changed my life and I thank God daily for leading to Plexus products. I have now lost 105 lbs., but that has been an extra blessing. Regaining my health is priceless.  Thank you plexus Slim New York.