Plexus Slim Cost

Plexus Slim Cost

Want to save  on the Plexus Slim Cost?  Why pay retail when you can pay wholesale.  Don’t pay inflated prices.  Contact me for more information.


By signing up as a preferred customer you will recieve $15 off your monthly purchase.  What that means is that you will be signed up on an auto-ship program. Auto-ship is a fancy word for automatic orders every month.  Why sign up as a preferred customer if you only want 1 month to try it?  Easy, you can cancel at any time!  Therefore; it’d be silly to not sign up as a preferred customer.

Whats the regular Plexus Slim Cost?

Great Question! Regular pricing and preferred pricing can be explained in full by clicking on the link on the right.  This will take you to the shopping page and away from this information page.

Here are some Plexus Slim reviews you may be interested in.  Depending on what package you go will affect the plexus slim cost, so read these below and see what the current customers are doing.

Meagan Hughes – strictly using the weight loss product.  She receives it monthly and has seen amazing results!
Twenty pounds down!!! Thanks plexus!!!!! Half way there!
Plexus Slim Cost
Amber Nicole Parker
Hi all!!! Just wanted to drop in on a quick update….it’s been 5 weeks since I began this wonderful journey called Plexus…
Scales haven’t moved much…put the inches and fat are melting away.. The top pictures are from 5 weeks ago…the bottom was this past Monday (my beach wedding day!!) And this morning. I’m completely ecstatic that I am getting my “face” back. The roundness I have in my face is starting to slender down. So happy. I have had a lot of people inquire about it..and as an Ambassador all ready have a few people ordering! ! I can’t wait to see their pictures and results!!!