Plexus Reviews #6

Sheila Smith Miller
Hi, my name is Sheila Miller and it has taken me awhile to write my story here but finally here it is! I started Plexus on May 28,2012. I was then on 28 pills and 7 day time release pain patches., I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, Chronic Migraines, RA, Digenative Disc Disease, RLS, Spazmatic Colon, Spazmatic Blader, High Cholesterol, High Blood Pressure. I was in constant pain and would have trouble getting out of bed each day. My husband worked off shore seven and seven so we had someone move in with us to help, and my son also moved back in a trailer in our yard. It was so bad I no longer did any shopping or cleaning. I also had to have help to dress and eventually started using a scooter to get around which was embarrassing for me so I became a shut in and very seldom would get out. But having no control over my colon and bladder would not help either and I refused to wear diapers at my age but the doctors kept telling me they would eventually get the meds right. So one day my sister in law talking about losing weight talked about Plexus and then seeing my Neurologist the very next day, she asked me if I had ever heard of Plexus. I told her that a friend of mine had been telling me about it and my sister in law and I had just talked about it, I said everyone sees I am over weight and laughed! She told me that she had patients on it that it was helping and I may want to try it because the meds weren’t working and we were maxing out! I called Becky got a 30 day to share with Cheryl because I figures like everything else it wouldn’t work! Well after that 15 days I realized not only do I need more I needed to sign up to be an Ambassador so I could help other people suffering! Plexus has given me LIFE back! I am proud to say by the end of July I was down to 8 pills a day and by the end August the only meds I am on are 2 seizure pills a day! I tell everyone one I don’t take Plexus, I live Plexus, there is a difference! I love Plexus an swear by every single product they make because I am on all of them! I do keep the scooter under my garage to remind me of a time in my life when I had to depend on others instead of depending on Plexus! Oh and I do kick it as I pass by every now and then!

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